Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughts on a post-NATO world

An interesting new blog from Harvey Sapolsky, former director of the Security Studies Program at MIT (and I had a class with him at MIT when I was an undergrad). He suggests the US can stop acting as the world's policeman with little risk to American security. An excerpt from a very insightful post:

America should come home, very soon from Europe and Asia and only a bit more slowly from Iraq and Afghanistan, but home nevertheless. We have natural strategic depth offered by our geography and it is time to reclaim it. There is no need to stand between our friends and their neighbors. Our friends face no great threats that would endanger us unless we act as their protectors. On the contrary, our security is weakened by our inclination to rush to sound of the guns which allows others to assume that we are responsible for solving their conflicts with their neighbors or ending their civil wars. Our rewards for this constant meddling are unfulfillable expectations, new enemies, and misspent resources.

He's not suggesting we pursue an isolationist foreign policy, just that we dismantle our Cold War infrastructure and exercise greater restraint in projecting military power. He lays out a vision for a post-NATO, post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan international strategy. A tip of the hat to the Washington Note for the link.


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