Thursday, August 20, 2009

Duck Calls

An interesting article in today's Washington Post about the effect that Twitter might have on attendance at movies. People who see the movie can tweet to dozens or hundreds of friends, possibly amplifying the effect of word of mouth, both positive and negative. The following paragraph caught my attention, especially amid an astro-turf campaign to stop reform of health insurance:

"I think Twitter can't be stopped," says Stephen Bruno, the Weinstein Co.'s senior director of marketing. "Now you have to see it as an addition to the campaign of any movie. People want real-time news, and suddenly a studio can give it to them in a first-person way."
Hmm? A studio can give it to them in a first-person way. Will movie studios come up with fake tweets? Ones that seem to come from friends? If astro-turf is fake grass roots, what should fake tweets be called? Bird calls? Duck calls? And how long until fake tweets become an instrument of politics? I can see people protesting fake tweets by massing and honking away with plastic duck calls.


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